The 25% Solution: Live Better on Less

How would you like to make 25% more? Tax-free and without adding hours to your work-day? Well, I can’t magically make your paycheck bigger, but I can show you how to live on 75% of what you earn, how to live well, and how to save money without compromising your values or even your fun. The 25% you keep in the bank can grow and fund your dreams, help you sleep at night, or support the causes you love when you give it away.

I can show you because I’ve done it and I’m still doing it. At this point, I live on about 65% of my income. In a few years, when I make a radical change in my lifestyle to support a long-time dream, I’ll live on a smaller income and I’ll be ready to follow my dreams.

Join me in the 25% Solution.






Author: 25percentsolution

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3 thoughts on “The 25% Solution: Live Better on Less”

  1. Its always a challenge to cut your expenses. I find it is more sustainable if you shoot lower and cut incrementally over time. When I try to go all in on something like this, I end up failing. I wish you luck on your attempt.


    1. You make a great point. We didn’t get to living below our means all at once–it is definitely a journey of the head and the heart. In fact (shameless plug alert!) I’m writing a book on getting to 25%. It actually took us about 3 years to get to that point, which included cleaning up a LOT of debt, developing a budget system that works for us, and learning to really communicate about what we want out of life. Thanks for the comment!


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