Why You Need A Side Hustle

Okay, this site is about living on less, but there’s no law that says I can’t look at the “…While Gaining More” side of the equation. One great way to improve your income while reducing your outgo is to cultivate a side hustle. Why do you need a side hustle, though? Who wants the hassle? Who wants to work more after putting in a full day at the 9-to-5? Here are four good reasons you need a side hustle.

To Achieve Your Goals. Your goals may be lofty (saving for the down payment on a home, putting yourself or a kid through college, retirement) or they may be modest (making and holding onto $100 to start an emergency fund, going out to dinner once a week). Having a side hustle helps you make money to achieve these goals. This one is the most obvious reason of all, but it’s not the only reason.

Turn Passion to Profit. You’re not going to just drift into some mindless, boring side job. No, you’re going to do something you’re passionate about doing, and you’re going to get paid to do it.  Do you love to bake? Do you love animals? Do you like woodworking? Turn your passion into profit by doing what you love.

Flex Your Autonomy Muscles. Let’s face it, when someone else pays your paycheck you do it his or her way. You look to please the boss.When you are the boss, you get to use your creativity, develop your own systems, work within your peak times of energy, and take risks within your own comfort zone.

Less Time to Waste Money. When you’re working on a side hustle, you’re not out on the town spending cash. You’re not sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself because you can’t afford to be out on the town spending cash. You’re not obsessing over your sad financial lot in life. You’re spending time on your passion with the purpose of making profit, so you aren’t on Amazon shopping.

So now that you know why you need a side hustle, where do you start? Check out my next post for some pointers.abstract-1239387_1280





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