Score du Jour: How Social Media Melt-Down Got Us a Luxury Hotel Room for Cheap


The luxury hotel on Bourbon Street was in the middle of a social media disaster. Remodeling wasn’t going so well, and the rants vastly overwhelmed the raves in the reviews.

At T-minus six months to our New Orleans vacation trip, Favorite Sister and I were scouring the Interwebs for lodging that wouldn’t break the bank. We read the poor reviews and initially decided not to take a chance…until the hotel posted a deal we couldn’t refuse. (No horse’s head under the cover…wrong movie, ace.)

For $125 per night, we could stay in this fine luxury soon-to-be remodeled hotel right smack on Bourbon Street. This was a steep discount from their regular room rate (don’t get me started on the rack rate–I just don’t pay that.)   Amortized between two people, this price allowed us to stay in pampered comfort right in the heart of the action for $63 a night. Deal!

Fast-forward six months. The remodeling is just a bad memory that gives some poor manager the sweats when she has flashbacks to last winter. Rave reviews abound. And we will be landing in New Orleans in four days, economizing with airport shuttles instead of renting a car since, you know, we’re RIGHT ON BOURBON STREET!

Sure, it’s a risk. I wouldn’t stay anywhere with chronically horrible ratings. A luxury hotel with a reputation to risk? That was worth the gamble.

So how have you used social media to score an outrageous deal?



Author: 25percentsolution

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