Friday Frugal Challenge 1: Eating Ourselves Out of House and Home

Today is the first Friday Frugal Challenge on 25 Percent Solution. Starting each Friday, I’ll test-drive a frugal habit or practice for a week and report on how it goes as the week proceeds.

Today’s frugal habit: Eating ourselves out of house and home.

We have a lot of food on hand. I bet you do, too. Without meaning to, we’ve accumulated boxes and bags and frozen stuff, so this week we won’t spend any money at the grocery store. We’ll eat only what we have on hand and we won’t buy new food, not even snack food (that long, mournful howl was my husband as he realized that we won’t be buying potato chips or cookies this week.)

Join us for the Friday Frugal Challenge.  I’d love to hear how it goes for you!




Author: 25percentsolution

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