19 Free Things You Can Do Today

It’s Sunday and you’re bored. Or maybe it’s Sunday and you’ve got a million things you should be doing, but it’s Sunday and you’ve got six days a week to do your to-do list. Settle in, relax, and check out these ideas for free Sunday entertainment:

Go for a picnic in the park. Take food, someone special, and a nice big blanket to spread.

Take your dog on an adventure. And if your dog is like my dog, pretty much anything outside the front door is an adventure!

malinois-794408_640Set up a scavenger hunt. You don’t have to do it, just plan it elaborately and in great detail.

Do a puzzle online.

Have friends over for dinner—everyone brings something.

Read a book.

Write a poem.

Sit on the porch and drink lemonade.

Play with your kids. Making forts out of cushions is always fun.

If you don’t have kids, borrow some. See above.

Cook something you never tried before using only ingredients you have on hand. Bonus points if you can eat it afterward.

Take a nap. Everyone needs a nap.

Take a nice hot bath, complete with scented candles if that’s your thing.

Watch a DVD you checked out from the library. If you really want to go to town with this, check out several DVDs in a series or with a common theme and do a movie binge.

Have a cup of tea and some cookies, served on your very nicest tableware.

Do an act of random kindness for someone you have never met.

Call your grandma for no reason at all.

Write an old-fashioned letter to a loved one and mail it, too.

Elaborately and in great detail plan your imaginary fantasy vacation. Imagine no budget limits: where would you go, what would you do? Get really specific, down to the itinerary.

Bonus Free Thing You Can Do Today: Think up some ideas for free things to do that I missed and post them in the comments!


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