Update: Friday Frugal Challenge: How’re We Doing?


The Friday Frugal Challenge: To eat ourselves out of house and home by making meals only from what we have on hand without any grocery shopping. How’re we doing?

In general, pretty well!

We entered the week with a tail-wind helping us along as we finished up the leftovers of a turkey. Since then, I’ve raided the freezer and done some pantry-grazing. This challenge looks like a very doable challenge for my household. How about yours?

My husband’s anguish over not purchasing snacks was alleviated by a batch of homemade Tollhouse cookies (yep, we had it all on hand!) We did buy milk, which makes me think that this challenge might be best tweaked to include permissable purchases of perishable foods.

How’s your Friday Frugal Challenge going as the week unfolds?




Author: 25percentsolution

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2 thoughts on “Update: Friday Frugal Challenge: How’re We Doing?”

  1. I think the Frugal challenge is a really good one. How often is there food left over in the fridge that goes into the bin. I would hate to calculate how much money could be saved across the world if we all took up the Frugal Challenge. If we did that, could the money saved be put to good use?


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