Entrepreneur Spotlight: Social Media Sales with Rebecca Dixon


Today marks the debut of Entrepreneur Spotlight, where we focus on people who are making it work as a small business owner. They’ll tell us why they got into their line of work, how they got started, how they market their product or service, and provide insight into the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of their life without a boss.

Rebecca Dixon needed to work, but she needed the right kind of work. In the dark days of her mother’s terminal illness, Rebecca considered ways to help her family financially while honoring her commitments to her mom and to her husband and two children. Enter Younique Products, via a friend who was doing well selling cosmetics through the company. Rebecca felt an immediate interest, as she loves makeup and wanted to help others look and feel their best.

Getting started was straightforward: Younique charges $99.00 and provides training using videos. Rebecca found the marketing guidance provided by the company to be extremely helpful. “There are steps along the way to getting promoted,” Rebecca notes, “And there’s a guide that shows you how to promote and the steps you need to take.”  The company designed its system to enable presenters to work from home, and training is available whenever and wherever the new business owner can do it. Rebecca found this open-door approach to be extremely helpful, as she can honor her commitments to family while flexing her entrepreneurial muscles.

At this point, Rebecca does all her marketing using social media. She has a website,LashesandLove.org , and promotes her products heavily using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. She’s preparing to branch out in her marketing efforts, however. “I’m starting to do a Farmer’s Market, and I could do in-home parties.” Rebecca has had excellent results with her marketing strategy so far and, like all smart business-owners, continues to tinker with the process.


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