Score du Jour: A Loss Leader Love Story

I’m a big believer in loss leaders—those “it’s too cheap to believe!” specials that the grocery store uses to lure you in and tempt you to spend a whole lot of money on highly-processed, expensive side dishes. This week my faith in loss leaders was richly rewarded when I paid $18.47 to cover dinner for two for a week.

I bought 4 huge Tyson’s chicken breasts with the bone-in for .99 per pound. That’s two dinners: barbecued chicken and possibly chicken tacos or chicken with homemade sweet and sour sauce. I got five pounds of ground beef for $1.79 per pound.  I also bought beans for chili and a lot of tomato sauce, which will go into making the chili as well as homemade spaghetti sauce (which will also be used to make lasagna—okay, that will cost another $1.50 or so because I have to buy the noodles.) I already have the ingredients on-hand for tortillas, the Asian sauce, and the barbecue sauce.

Because there are only two of us and each meal will make a lot of extra food, it’s safe to say that we’ll get lunches out of the leftovers most days, therefore stretching our food budget enough to make the pennies beg for mercy. In addition, this is the week I start back to graduate school, so having meals that can be made ahead will make life so much easier.

Loss leaders. I love ‘em!shopping-1165618_640


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One thought on “Score du Jour: A Loss Leader Love Story”

  1. Although I am really a Publix girl at heart, Winn Dixie has Saturday/Sunday only loss leader specials that are sometimes amazing. I usually get up on Saturdays and get them before they run out (time is $ and rain checks take time).


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