25% Toolbox: Grocery Store Ad Flyer



Maybe you take the humble grocery store sales flyer for granted. Perhaps you push it aside as you read your morning paper. Maybe you throw it away without looking at it. Fish it out of the recycle bin, my friend, because that flyer will save you big bucks.

Here’s how you can use your grocery flyer to save money:

Loss Leaders. The items on the front page are usually loss leaders, offered at a loss in order to bring people into the store. If you want to save money, put these items on the list. For those of you who are varsity-level shoppers, plan your meals around these loss leaders. Elite shoppers, stock up on these things for future meal planning.

Produce. The sales items are usually in season, which means you’ll not only save money but you’re likely to find they taste great.

Frozen foods. These are good for times when you are rushed and don’t have the chance to make a meal from scratch. Spending $2.50 on a frozen entrée saves me from spending $7 buying a fast-food combo meal, plus there are healthy choices available. I get one or two packages of frozen meatballs in the freezer for dinner on super-busy days.

Bakery and deli. You will pay a premium for any of these items, even those that are on sale. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t buy them, just keep an eye on possible alternatives that could save you money, including baking from scratch or choosing prepackaged meat and cheese which are on sale.

Personal care items. You can find some good sales on these, but compare the price of the sales items with the price at WalMart, Target, or wherever you do your bargain shopping. While it may show a significant mark-down, prices on these items tend to be higher overall in grocery stores than in other stores.

Hopefully you’ll never look at your sales flyer in quite the same way again. What strategies do you have for saving money at the grocery store?


Author: 25percentsolution

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One thought on “25% Toolbox: Grocery Store Ad Flyer”

  1. Yay! I’m an elite! I always check both Winn-Dixie and Publix flyers and plan accordingly. Since I live by myself and am on Atkins, I look for the expensive stuff – bacon, good steak, high-quality chicken breast – and then portion and freeze. I take something out to thaw the night before and I’m ready for dinner when I come home.


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