Friday Frugal Challenge: Pen and A Notebook Edition

The Meatless Meal Challenge was a piece of cake. In the case of my husband, literally cake for  breakfast. How’d it work for you?

This week’s Friday Frugal Challenge is for everyone on the 25% spectrum. Whether you’re living below your income in order to get your financial house in order by building your emergency fund, paying back debt, saving for something big, or funneling your 25% into investment, this challenge will help you to know yourself and your money better.

It’s pretty simple. For one week, carry a pen and a little notebook with you and record every time you spend money. Every time. The giant chunky mortgage payment. The fifty-cent crackers in the vending machine. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t think too much about it. Just write it all down.

Don’t try for any particular result, just notice what happens. By the end of the week, you may find that you’re not spending as much money on things that just don’t matter to you. You may find that you are grossly overextended financially and something’s got to give. You may find that you just have a better idea of where your money’s going.

Ready? Grab your pen and notebook and get started!







Author: 25percentsolution

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