Check In: How’s the Frugal Friday Challenge Going?

shopping-list-707760_1280We’ve been carefully recording our spending and even more carefully noticing the effect that this habit has on us. To be sure, this was a tight week financially at our house no matter how you sliced it: mortgage was due, tuition for grad school was due, coming off a summer of Major Household Repairs, and finally the mortgage company sold the mortgage but may still try to take the payment out due to the automatic bill pay thingie…


The effect of writing down our spending has been that we haven’t actually spent a whole lot. We got exactly what was on the grocery list, no more and no less. I actually passed up a loss leader (bring the smelling salts!) because the meat just didn’t look that good. We found ourselves considering each purchase and reporting purchases to one another. I’m encouraged that we didn’t bust on the choices made by the other partner, but we definitely found ourselves paying closer attention.

So how’s it going for you?






Author: 25percentsolution

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