Frugal Friday Challenge Update


So how’s the Frugal Challenge working for you?

I took a road trip this weekend and the Frugal Challenge worked out well for me. Instead of waiting in the long line at the rest stop to pay $12 for a burger-and-fries value meal (yeah, as if I’d pay extra at a rest stop for what’s available just off the highway…) I sat on a bench in air-conditioned comfort and ate my sandwich while I people-watched. On the way home, my dad packed me a lunch that included my childhood-favorite PBJ with chips and a cookie. I brought along bottled water and my dad gave me a great cup of coffee to take on the drive home.

For my husband…not so well. He looks forward to eating fast food when I’m out of town, so there was some grumbling. He managed, but I know the timing of this challenge was bad for him. (Sorry, dear!)

Rest of the week should be a breeze. It’s been hot and muggy, so I’m in a salad mood and I’ve got all the fixings for it. Instead of paying for a pre-packaged Chicken Caesar salad, I’ll bring my own…customized just for me.


Author: 25percentsolution

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