Store Smarts: How to Save Money at Goodwill

I love my local Goodwill. In fact, I love both of them: the upscale store in the chi-chi end of town and the down-to-earth store in the old section of the city. Here are some things you can, and should, buy at Goodwill:

*Small appliances. Need to replace your crockpot? Thinking about trying a bread machine? Goodwill’s your sweet spot. I priced bread machines on Craigslist and found that the sellers were asking about half the price of a new machine, not to mention the hassles of picking it up. In Goodwill, I found a bread machine with all the bells and whistles for $8.

*Clothes. Okay, so you don’t get the thrill of paying full fare for something that will be out of fashion in two months, but if you’re into classic clothes Goodwill’s your go-to. You can find good clothes at Goodwill and pay pennies on the dollar for them. Keep an eye out for quality clothing and look carefully for stains, rips, or loose threads.

*Kids and baby. They grow so fast…so once they’ve outgrown the baby-shower stuff, take a long hard look at your local Goodwill. You’ll find all the basics plus some really cute kid stuff.

*New items. You may not think of Goodwill as the place to buy something new, but most stores have a section with surplus items with steep mark-downs. This is kind of a crapshoot in that you never know what will be available, but you can find some good bargains.

*Housewares. I have a friend who found cute curtains at Goodwill and loved the colors and the pattern so much that she decorated the rest of her kitchen around them.

What’s your Goodwill go-to? How do you save money and get what you need at Goodwill?



Author: 25percentsolution

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2 thoughts on “Store Smarts: How to Save Money at Goodwill”

  1. It can also be a good place to get furniture. I got a glass top table for $20. Also if you’re just starting out it’s a good place to get dishes, glasses, etc. Clothes are my favorite things to get.


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