Frugal Friday Challenge: Cash-Only Edition


This week, I challenge you not to use plastic. You’re going to use cash for your shopping, entertainment, dining out, and purchases. It’s fine if you have bills set up via automatic pay, but for any discretionary spending you’ll use cash. Period.

The theory behind this? Spending cash hits you in the solar plexus, whereas using plastic—even a debit card—feels impersonal, insulated. You need to think about what you spend. You’re going grocery shopping and you estimate it will cost $60. Will it, really? It will if you take out $60 and refuse to use the debit card. You may find yourself putting something back on the shelf, but resolving to spend cash only means you’ll think about each purchase.

So this week we’re plastic-free at my house. How about you?


Author: 25percentsolution

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