Meet Moira Asheland: Cute Comfy Clothing With a Family Business Foundation

Business is a family affair for Moira Asheland, owner of a Lularoe franchise in Hendersonville, N.C. Her partner is her mother, Jenny Hassler, and her top supermodel is her toddler daughter. I spoke to Moira about life as an entrepreneur, about the specifics of her business and marketing, and about how she mixes family life and business in her partnership.

Moira chose Lularoe because it offers a unique perspective on production and marketing. The company chooses unique fabric and provides the opportunity for people of all sizes and shapes to purchase and wear memorable clothing.  Moira explains, “They create 5,000 pieces of clothing per print and then the print is retired forever, they split those among all the consultants so every piece is relatively unique and sought after. Once I saw the clothing and watched some other folks, I decided it would be an awesome opportunity because of the way the business is structured and I jumped in!” The company pairs new consultants with established sponsors to help them get started.

Moira is equally enthusiastic about marketing her product. “We primarily market through Facebook,” she says. “There are lots of fan groups out there for the brand and we advertise within those groups.” Moira herself is a brand ambassador. “I also make it a point to wear the clothing every day (and usually have my daughter wearing it as well). If someone compliments my outfit or hers I try and make sure to give out a card.”

The best part of the business?  “Getting to interact with our customers. They’re wonderful and sweet – it’s amazing to watch how happy you can help someone to be just by them falling in love with some leggings. You can see the confidence and joy that a gorgeous and comfy outfit gives them! it’s awesome!” The people part of the business delights her, but she reports, “The most headaches come from keeping track of invoices and shipping out packages, it can definitely get tedious at times.” Her advice is to take good care of yourself and seek help when needed.

Working with family can be challenging, although Moira finds that her partnership with her mom works for the whole family. Communication is key. “Make sure you communicate! My mom and I send so many emails and texts back and forth throughout the day. We keep each other up to date on things we’re thinking about, ideas, projects, to do lists, etc.”

With communication, cute clothing, a customer-first attitude, and an adorable spokesmodel, Moira Asheland and her mom make business a pleasure. Interested in shopping Moira’s Lularoe? Reach out through Facebook via Happy shopping!


Moira Asheland with Lularoe founder Deanne Stidham and her business partner Jenny Hassler.image1


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