Friday Frugal Challenge: Spoil Yourself Rotten


You deserve a treat.

Let’s face it, life is hard. You get up, work hard, pay your bills, make the tough choices, and go to bed at a reasonable hour instead of staying up all night gambling on the internet. You  definitely deserve a treat.

This week, your Frugal Challenge involves rewarding yourself for being you—the one who puts in the time, delays gratification, saves for the future, is there for your loved ones, makes time for the important stuff.  Find a way to treat yourself without busting the bank. Some ideas:

*Get a massage. Make an appointment at a local massage school and enjoy the health and stress-relieving benefits of a massage for about half the price.

*Drink fancy coffee. Experiment with re-creating those expensive coffee drinks you love at home. Check out this article  for information on how to be your own barista.

*Dine out. Recently we cashed in the ginormous vat of loose change we’d collected. We took it to a Coinstar machine and walked out with a gift card to Chili’s that bought us two “free” meals. While Coinstar charges a hefty premium for changing coins to cash, they pay you penny-for-penny when you get a gift card instead of cash. They also offer gift cards to AMC Theaters, iTunes, Starbucks (in case being your own barista just isn’t your thing!), Old Navy, Cold Stone Creamery, and many other splurge-worthy options. Visit the Coinstar website for details on which gift cards are available at your local kiosk.

*Mani pedi. Get together with a sister, friend, daughter or anyone you love to hang out with and do your own spa day.

*Fancy dinner…at home. Do it up right: candles, your best china, and dress yourself to the nines. Splurge on your entrée selection—it’s okay to go with steak instead of ground chuck for this one—and don’t forget dessert.

*Go to your Happy Place. You know your Happy Place—that spot that just makes you smile. Maybe you hit your Happy Place by hiking in a local state park. Maybe your Happy Place is sitting on a bench overlooking a lake and watching the birds. Mine is the local dog park because I just love watching my Lab make new friends. This week, take time to go to your Happy Place and thoroughly enjoy it, with bonus points if you take a picnic. (I’ll forfeit the bonus points and skip the picnic at the dog park, though.)

You deserve a treat. How will you spoil yourself rotten this week?


Author: 25percentsolution

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