25% Toolbox: Your Local Library

old-books-436498_640Today’s toolbox features a celebrity in your own town: the library.

If you’re frugal, you know what the library offers: free DVDs, endless books, education, and entertainment. But did you know that you can research your family tree and learn a language at the library? I spoke with Catherine McElrath, Publication Specialist for the Broward County Public Library, about some surprising services offered by many libraries.

*Rosetta Stone. Want to use the gold-standard system for learning another language without paying the premium price? Check the library.

*Makerspaces. Does your library have a 3-D printer? Want to learn more about what a 3-D printer can do? Check out this article .

*Free resume coaching. Your library can connect you with resources to help you write, polish, and perfect your resume.

*Free education. Catherine notes that the libraries offer free online classes “In everything from Excel to meditation to anger management to flower arranging.”

*Auto repair resources. Access ChiltonLibrary for information on car care and repair.

*Prepare for your citizenship test. Your local library may have resources to help you ace that test!

*Genealogy research. My local library has Ancestry.com and the LDS Family Search among other resources.

You can access many of these resources online without even going into the brick-and-mortar building…but then you’d miss out on the ink-and-paper books. Check out your library for free resources to make 25% living even richer.



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