Friday Frugal Challenge: Disaster Planning


Today’s challenge depends on where you live. (In fact, the Friday Frugal Challenge is up early because by tomorrow we’re likely to be experiencing hurricane conditions, including power outage.)

If you live on the east coast of Florida, your Friday Frugal Challenge is to be safe—take no chances, keep your family close, and stay safe.

For everyone else, your frugal challenge involves putting together a disaster plan. Take these steps to complete your plan:

*Consider your location and the threats that may affect you. A Chicago resident doesn’t need to prep for hurricanes the way we do in Florida, but needs to consider the danger of powerful tornadoes.

*Review your insurance. Know what your policy covers and what deductible you must meet. If you have questions, contact your insurance company now—while there’s no threat—for answers.

*Make a list of what you would need in the event of a disaster. Consult online sources for more information.

*Buy your supplies and earmark a safe spot for them.

*Secure important paperwork.

*Make a detailed “to-do” list for preparation in the event of an impending disaster. What’s your evacuation plan? How will family members keep in contact?

*Stock up on supplies. Here in Florida, we need flashlights and batteries, propane or charcoal for cooking outside after the storm and before the power returns, a battery-operated radio, canned food, and bottled water. The best time to shop for these items is well in advance of a tropical storm!

*Consider long-term needs. How will you cope with losing electricity for long periods of time? What resources are available to you if you can’t live in your home for an extended period?

*Talk to your nearest-and-dearest about your worries, your fears, your hopes, and your plans.

Are you ready for a disaster? This week is a great time to prepare! (Unless, of course, you’re in eastern Florida, when the time to prepare was yesterday.)


Author: 25percentsolution

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