Friday Frugal Challenge: H2O =C.A.S.H.

Nothing in life is free, but tap water is pretty close. This week’s challenge requires nothing more than a twist of the wrist and a second hand to hold the glass underneath the tap.

Your challenge this week? Drink water. Tap water’s fine (unless you live in Flint, Michigan), and if you really want to get fancy about it you can cut up lemons or infuse the water with other fruit. Drink water instead of cola, energy drinks, or juice this week. You’ll save money by drinking water and you’ll also cut down on the weird additives you take into your body. Find the water cooler at work and use it this week instead of feeding your hard-earned coins into the soda machine.

Extend the challenge by using that plain tap water to make your own coffee or tea instead of buying it in a Styrofoam cup or a bottle at the convenience store. Ka-ching! Money in your pocket instead of someone else’s cash register.




Author: 25percentsolution

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