Friday Frugal Challenge: Rubber Chicken Edition


Back in the day, people enjoyed “the rubber chicken”—the way that frugal housewives of the 1950’s stretched a roasted chicken into three meals. The first meal was usually The Sunday Dinner—chicken with stuffing and all the trimmings. The second meal was a casserole of some sort, and the third meal was soup made from the chicken bones and any leftover meat.

Your challenge this week: Revisit the Rubber Chicken.

Start with a whole chicken and prepare it first as a roasted chicken. Enjoy the meat and pick the extra off the bones. A day or so later, use the extra chicken for a second meal: make it into taco meat, eat chicken salad sandwiches, stir in sweet-and-sour sauce, serve it in gravy over rice, whatever. Finally, make chicken soup using the bones and any leftover meat.

Not a big fan of chicken? Pretty much any meat you can roast can become rubber. Make a pot roast then use the leftover meat for enchiladas, ending up with a rich French onion soup made from the bones. Try a pork butt roast and use the leftover meat for pulled pork barbecue. The bones make a hearty broth that goes great with tomatoes or winter root vegetables.

Have you ever done a rubber chicken before? Tell me how your rubber week turns out!


Author: 25percentsolution

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