Friday Frugal Challenge: Board Game Night!



Entertainment ought to be easy–after all, you work hard and a chance to relax shouldn’t stress you out even more. Too often, the cost of going out adds up and up and up: twenty bucks for movie tickets and they want SIX DOLLARS for a Coke?! Dinner for a family at a sit-down restaurant makes you wallet squeal in protest.

Relax. Today’s Friday Frugal Challenge is cheap and easy.

For your entertainment this week, go for a Game Night–board games, friends, family. Use the classics you have on hand and invite friends to bring their favorites.. You can have an intimate family game night involving popcorn or cookies for snacks or you can invite your friends and have everyone bring something to eat. This works well if you have people of all ages in your circle.

On a side note, how’s your game stockpile? Here are five ways to improve it: Shop garage sales and thrift stores (check to make sure all the pieces are present), offer to trade a game that bores you with a fellow game-lover who is looking for a change, invest in a deck of cards, consider designing your own board game, play a tried-and-true game by tweaking the rules–try dealing out all the deeds for Monopoly and then begin playing from there, for example.

Special follow-up fun: Sit down the morning after your Game Night and calculate how much you saved by staying in instead of going out.


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