Friday Frugal Challenge: Dollar Bill Bucket Edition


So maybe you throw all your change into some kind of container and when it’s full, or when you remember, you roll that change to deposit it at the bank or maybe you go to the Coinstar machine. Maybe you use it for vacation money, or movie money, or it’s going toward beefing up your emergency fund while you prepare to unleash holy hell on your debt load.

Good job!

This week, use that principle of saving your leftover change but play with bigger stakes. When you have change in the form of a dollar bill, put it into your jar and save it. At the end of the week, use it for one of the purposes above. You could also put it aside as a starter for investing if you’re so inclined, put it toward your retirement fund or pad your kid’s education fund with it, or treat the cook to a pizza instead of going out to eat. Put it toward a special Saturday adventure. Or leave it there, keep it up next week, and see how it adds up over the course of the month.



Author: 25percentsolution

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