Toolbox: Checklists to Save $$ and Time

With at least two million things on my mind, I need to write stuff down. I used to scribble lists on envelopes, sticky notes, or my hand, but pre-printed checklists (saved in the computer and printed up as needed) give me peace of mind and save money.

Here are some pre-printed checklists to prepare and use:

*Pre-printed meal planner. You can download one from the internet or make your own.

*Pre-printed grocery list. There are things you buy every time you go to the store. Make a list of those things and print it when you need it.

*Travel planning worksheet. Mine has a place to list lodging price, airfare cost, and the cost of special activities.

*Travel prep list. I have an extensive packing list and my husband keeps a list of what must be done to prepare our pets, home, and cars for travel.

*Housekeeping lists. You can make a list of deep-cleaning projects you need to do only onc a year or so, a list of weekly cleaning tasks, chore assignment checklist if you’re sharing the chores with others, and checklists for specific rooms.



Author: 25percentsolution

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