Friday Frugal Challenge: Stop That Leak!

A slow leak will kill your house. It ruins your water bill and it wrecks your walls. It does it so slowly and stealthily that you hardly know what happened…but the damage is done.

I had some slow leaks in my budget, and I bet you do, too. Budget leaks are those small ongoing fees you’ve authorized over the years. Maybe you use them (in which case, they aren’t actually a leak) but more likely you don’t. It’s time to stop the leaking and plug up the budget holes!

My slow leak item was Amazon’s fabulous Kindle Unlimited program. Ten bucks a month, unlimited Kindle reading—such a deal! And it is, unless like me you are a graduate student with no time for fun reading, in which case it’s become a slow leak. Every month, ten bucks went out. Every month I realized I’d never finished the latest batch of borrowed books and cursed the fact that I have no time to do so.

Some other slow leak items? The magazine subscription you signed up to buy at the incredibly low price with the significantly higher renewal rate—time to cancel before you get socked with a bill. The geneology software you love but you aren’t using any more. The gym which is not a bad deal except that you only go once a week to sit in the sauna.

So what’s your budgetary slow leak? Take a few minutes to review and then plug water-pipe-880975_640


Author: 25percentsolution

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