Do What You Love and Make Money? Microbusiness, Baby!


Imagine doing something you love and getting paid to do it.

Imagine having extra cash to pay down your debt, take a great vacation, get a weekly massage, or all three.

If that trips your “Hell, yeah!” button, maybe a microbusiness is your answer. According to, a microbusiness is a small business with usually one owner and five or fewer employees. Microbusinesses are all around you—in fact, 92% of all businesses in the U.S. are microbusinesses.

When you take the definition of a microbusiness and marry it to something that fills you with passion, you have a powerful combination. You’re doing something you love, and your enthusiasm and joy give you the energy to make the most of your business. Money flows where joy goes. Even if you don’t make your first million in the next quarter, you’re doing something you love and that sustains you through any challenges.

My first microbusiness was writing. I love to write, and in 2001 I decided to test the waters to see if anyone would pay me to do what I love. I found some books that explained how to get started selling my work. I wrote query letters and waited for the answers, well aware that they would likely be “no.” I sold my first piece to a community newspaper in Antelope Valley, California. More work followed as I shamelessly touted myself (which turned out to be kind of fun in and of itself.) I took a shot at the moon and wrote an essay for a Chicken Soup book, which got accepted. The article was reprinted and I made $250 in passive income. Microbusiness!

Later on, when I was in grad school, I started selling books on Amazon. I love books, I love reading, I love people who are passionate about what they do, so I concentrated on buying and selling books that fuel passion. And passion is everywhere! People bought books about model trains. They bought books about emotional intelligence. They bought books about the Trail of Tears. My little business paid for all my grad school textbooks and a bit of my tuition. Microbusiness joy!

Want to make some extra money doing what you love? Think about ways to make some cash from your passion. Love animals? How about pet sitting as a microbusiness? Love to craft? Etsy is your best friend. Maybe you love to work with your hands. Ever thought of making or refinishing furniture?

In future posts, I’ll talk about how to get your microbusiness started, the nitty gritty stuff like permits and licenses, and how to market your micro. Join me on the journey!

Here’s your homework. Think of three things you absolutely love. Underneath each one, list ways that you could make money while indulging yourself doing what you love. Ready? Go!


Author: 25percentsolution

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