Score du Jour: Free tablet, free reading!



Reading = Quality of Life for me.

A few weeks ago, preparing for some major changes in my life, I let go of my Kindle Unlimited reading app. I’d miss it, but I couldn’t justify the monthly cost when so often as a graduate student I didn’t have time to read for fun. I mourned, but I let it go.

But That Nagging Little Frugal Voice insisted that there just had to be a free or low-cost way to replace it, and That Nagging Little Frugal Voice was right. The Overdrive app lets you download ebooks from your local library, and my local library has plenty to keep me busy for years and years and years. The catch? I needed a Kindle Fire to access the app. I didn’t have the Kindle Fire and I couldn’t see paying out some cash to get it when I had a black-n-white Kindle that works just fine.


About a year ago, we got an Amazon credit card which pays rewards points for gas, food, and–of course!–purchases on Amazon. Since we’re devoted Amazon Prime fans and I’m a not-so-devoted commuter who puts many miles on my car, which requires mid-grade gasoline and lots of it, those  purchases add up to points pretty fast. When I checked our available points, I found I could score a “free” Amazon Fire tablet.

So I’m spending this lovely Sunday afternoon downloading books I want to read onto my new tablet, admiring the pretty colors (such an upgrade from my old black-n-white Kindle!) and learning about ways to make more money freelancing.

Score du jour!

What’s your latest Score Du Jour? Tell us how you’re living the dream thanks to clever shopping!


Author: 25percentsolution

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