Return of the 5-Tip Roundup



Thrift-Store Shopping Tips

  1. Bought a bread machine or another small appliance? Look online for the owner’s manual.
  2. Décor items are cheap, easy to find, and occasionally completely fabulous at a thrift shop.
  3. Wooden furniture (real wood) can be bought cheaply at the thrift store and painted or refinished, then sold to put some cash into your pocket.
  4. Costume jewelry. It’s a thing.
  5. I rarely buy art at the thrift store, but I’ve been known to buy the painting or poster for the frame that surrounds it.



Health Savings

  1. Take your vitamins—being sick is no fun and going to the doctor is expensive.
  2. Your body needs both aerobic exercise, like walking or running or riding a bike, as well as anaerobic exercise like weightlifting. You do not, however, have to pay to use a gym to do either or both.
  3. Look for lightly-used exercise equipment on Craigslist and save big bucks over buying new.
  4. Allergic? Buy and use handkerchiefs rather than shelling out money for tissues all the time.
  5. A Health Savings Account is an excellent idea—pre-tax dollars to make your high-deductible health care plan more bearable.



Cooking Tips:

  1. Cook enough dinner tonight to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
  2. Meatless meal night once a week saves you cash.
  3. Discover day-old bread and never buy croutons, breadcrumbs, or stuffing mix again.
  4. Make as much food as you can from scratch; your grocery receipt will thank you.
  5. Check out online sites for recipes for frugal meals.


Driving  and Car Care Tips

  1. Use Gas Buddy or a similar app to find the best gas prices near you.
  2. Consult your owner’s manual for information on how often you need to service your car, then follow the service schedule faithfully.
  3. If you can stagger your commute to avoid rush hour, you’ll save money on gas as well as saving time.
  4. Keep your tires properly inflated for the best gas mileage.
  5. Save money on road trips by packing a picnic. This old-school tip saves you money and gives you a nice break from the drive.



Gift and Giving Ideas

  1. Often an experience is a better gift than an item. My dad raves about the time all his kids wrote letters at Christmas with the theme, “The Best Advice Dad Ever Gave Me” in a way he never raves about all the neckties we’ve given him over the years.
  2. Buy gift wrap and greeting cards at the dollar store. You can make a gift look amazing without breaking the bank.
  3. Give your beloved a bouquet and she will have roses for a day; give her a rosebush and she will have roses for the whole season.
  4. Regifting only works if you keep scrupulous records.
  5. Teach children to budget for gifts, not just for their own interests. Bonus points for raising awesome human beings!



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