Friday Frugal Challenge: Attitude of Gratitude


Your Friday Frugal Challenge: cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

This week, focus on all the unexpected gifts you get. Your coworker brings you fresh blueberries from her garden.  Your boss takes you to lunch. Your sister passes on a great book to you. Purposely watch for the unexpected bonuses in life this week.

How does this help you save and make money?

Gifts affect your bottom line in two ways. For one thing, a gift means you don’t have to spend money in one area. Making blueberry pancakes means you save the oatmeal for another day, going to lunch with the boss means you saved your lunch money, and the free book means you’re not hitting up Amazon to the tune of ten or fifteen bucks. It may just be a few cents, it may be much more, but you’ve saved money in one area of your life.

Gifts also impact you in a deeper, more meaningful way. Feeling gratitude and appreciation changes you, makes you more open to receiving more gifts when they come your way. Even more importantly, gratitude for gifts you’ve gotten makes you more giving. When I’m delighted and surprised at the good gifts that each day brings me, I find that I want to give to others and share that gratitude. Giving feels good and improves your quality of life.

What good gifts have you been given today? What good gifts have you given others?


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