A Milestone in the 25 Percent Life




Today marks a milestone in the 25 Percent World. I quit my 9-to-5 as of Friday, and today I start my new life.

I’m not sure what it’s going to look like when all is said and done, but I’ve done everything I could do to prepare. Our expenses are decisively low. We have a hefty savings account. We have a little money coming in. We both have health insurance at a fairly decent price, though my deductible is huge (at least I’ve got the catastrophes covered!) In a pinch, we could rent a room in our house and cover the cost of our mortgage easily. We have a freezer full of food and a packed pantry.

I’m going to start where most people do, by doing what I know. I can work per diem as a hospice chaplain for my long-time employer. I can work when I want, as much as I’d like, and set my own hours. This is great because I also need time to write, to think, to recuperate from a toxic and painful situation in my life, and to plan my next moves. I’m about 2/3 through with my Masters Degree in counseling and it will be such a gift to give up the 15 hour days of full-time work followed by evening classes.

And I want to pursue wellness. I want to start running again. I don’t like running, but I sure love having run—the stress relief, the endorphins, the feeling of a nice cool shower after a hot, humid run in the Florida morning heat. I want to go to Saturday morning yoga in the park. I want to have time to attend morning Mass at my church before work. I can do all those things now. I want to work hours that allow me to beat the rush hour traffic.

And there’s more that I want out of life. I want to explore opportunities to write and to speak about things that make me passionate. I want time to run two or three little small microbusinesses out of my home, and to write about those. The times in my life when I’ve been happiest are those times I’ve designed my life consciously, and it’s time I do that again. Over the last 16 months, I gave up my designed-life for one of other’s people’s expectations. I ‘m too old and too independent to do that again. No more. Ever.

So here’s to healing. Here’s to life. Here’s to good friends and the time and energy to enjoy them. Here’s to growing. Here’s to the life I want to live! May you live the life you want to live, too.


Author: 25percentsolution

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