What To Buy This Summer–And When!


This summer, save money and get what you need. Here’s how to save each month:

June: Save on gym memberships–it’s a great time to negotiate for the best deal and then beat the heat working out inside. You can show off your hot summer-workout body in lingerie from Victoria’s Secret’s SemiAnnual style while you’re at it. June is also National Dairy Month, so look for deals on milk, cheese, and yogurt.  Be sure to mark your calendar for June 7, which is National Donut Day, to score your free donut.

July: Great month to buy summer clothing for next year, as the stores will deeply discount this month to make room for back-to-school clothes. My husband always stocks up on cola products in the weeks before July 4, and you can also find great deals on meat for grilling. Look for discounts on jewelry, as there are no major jewelry-giving occasions on the immediate horizon and jewelry retailers have to eat, too.

August: You’ll find major, drastic discounts on swimwear, so stock up for next year. Look for excellent deals on school supplies and office supplies as well as on backpacks, computer cases, and back-to-school clothing deals (here in Florida, we have a short tax-free period where we can purchase clothing and school items without paying the 6% sales tax–double score!) Also in August, look for home goods deals as stores sell dorm furniture, sheets, and decor. Lawn mowers, other lawn equipment, barbecue and patio equipment, and summer toys will be discounted in August, too.

So what’s your summer savings secret?


Author: 25percentsolution

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