Entrepreneur Spotlight: Sparkle, Skill, and Super Low Overhead


The fresh air is a bonus.

Donna Colon makes, sells, and repairs jewelry. She spends her Saturdays at central Florida farmer’s markets, enjoying the sunshine while she meets and greets people. Donna reports that a friend taught her the tools to use and she went from there, teaching herself how to make jewelry. Her business expanded when people began bringing her broken jewelry, asking her to repair it.

“I also sell on LetGo,” she explains. She finds both a generous local customers for her creations as well as a world-wide market via the internet. By marketing on a shoestring, she puts her money into supplies for making her jewelry.

Donna’s business is a great example of a micro-business with easy entry for the potential entrepreneur. She notes that she didn’t take formal lessons in how to make jewelry, but lessons are available at many craft and fabric stores. The cost of her initial tools and supplies was low, and she saves money on business cards by making her own.

What business opportunities can you start without a major investment of time and training?


Author: 25percentsolution

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