Friday Frugal Challenge: The Wonderful World of Resale!

clothing-842338_640 (1).jpg

If you’ve never experienced the joys of resale, you’re missing out. Your Friday Frugal Challenge: to explore the wonderful world of resale.

There are two sides to the resale coin: buying gently used items and selling your own items. This Friday, I challenge you to either purchase something used or to sell something of your own. When you buy used, you save money and save landfill space. When you sell something, you put cash into your pocket and you cut clutter.

This week, I’m looking for a food processor to buy used. I’m scanning Goodwill, garage sales, and I’ll check out Craigslist. In addition, I’m going to sell some nice work clothes that I just don’t wear any more and some DVDs we’ve had forever and never watch.

What will you buy—or sell—this week?


Author: 25percentsolution

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